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Model: Viking
Rivet Buster
    Available lengths:
  • 21 inches (Part No. D2606)
  • 23 inches (Part No. D2608)
  • 26 inches (Part No. D2611)
  • 29 inches (Part No. D2614)
Model Product Detail Part Number
Viking-6 Viking 6 Rivet Buster D2606
Viking-8 Viking 8 Rivet Buster D2608
Viking-11 Viking 11 Rivet Buster D2611
Viking-14 Viking 14 Rivet Buster D2614

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You will also need...

Model Part No. Weight Length Bore Stroke Blows/min Air Con Shank
Viking-6 D2606 24 lbs. 20-5/8" 1-3/16" 6" 1100 45cfm@90psi "Jumbo" 11X
Viking-8 D2608 30 lbs. 22-1/2" 1-3/16" 8" 1140 45cfm@90psi "Jumbo" 11X
Viking-11 D2611 33 lbs. 25-1/2" 1-3/16" 11" 850 51cfm@90psi "Jumbo" 11X
Viking-14 D2614 34 lbs. 28-5/8" 1-3/16" 14" 600 51cfm@90psi "Jumbo" 11X
Rivet Buster Bits
Tool Under Collar Length (inches) Part Number

Bull Point
12" JB-12P
18" JB-18P

Narrow Chisel (For concrete)
12" JB-12C
18" JB-18C

Alloy Narrow Chisel for
Rivet Cutting

Ripper Chisel
(for thin steel plate)
10" JB-RIP

Wide Chisel
[Note: Requires J-LSS
(Lower Split Sleeve)]

Back-Out Punch
Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers
Call for Additional Sizes and Part Numbers
Coming soon! Please call for safety data for this tool.
Coming soon! Please call for additional pictures available for this tool.